!!! DISCLAIMER #1 !!!

This page holds _really_ _old_ _things_ that probably
don't work and are very ugly hacks that are best never subjected to close scrutiny.
That being said, enjoy yourself!

The best thing in this list (which doesn't mean that it's good), is a demo that a friend of mine and I hacked together called "Bit Addict". The demo is available locally and also at www.hornet.org (and probably quite a few other scene-sites too), released under a group named "Neural Debris". Download it and see an example of a really lousy demo ;-).

We actually made it to the 3rd place at Dreamhack 97 with this demo, but competition was virtually non-existing.
You'll need a VESA 2.0 compatible graphics adapter to run it. (mail me for a vesa- & music-free version)

The source is available too! (Watcom 10.0)

All files are packed with PKZip 2.04.
A MS-DOS compatible PC with a 386 or better processor
and a VGA-display adapter is required to run the graphic demos.

The list is ordered by date, so the newest things are listed last.

!!! DISCLAIMER #2 !!!

Note that the sources may contain errors or not correspond 100 % to the executable!
This is due to the fact that the sources were uploaded in late 1998 and I have modified some of them.

They may also contain comments and variable names in Swedish and especially the early stuff
is not really good/fast/efficient/correct code, it just works... barely. :)

They should however give you a general idea of what is going on anyway, contact me if you feel that you need some feedback.

These include files are used in the demos: vesa20.h tricks.h xreader.h

Click to download



A nice little utility to show how much free space you have on your drives.

I used this for my BBS that I had running 1995-1996, until internet came. :)


A plain lightsourced cube.

Just learning how to draw filled polygons and calculation the normal vectors of faces.


My first "real" demo. :)

Some simple effects, like flame, blur and bitmap rotation/scaling. No music though.. :(


The shading is done on a simple z-value basis,
so don't expect too much. :)



Not too hard to code but I find them beautiful. It's one of them "classic" effects that had to be done.



I'm quite proud of this one, because it only took me two nights to work this one out. The technique used is the slow one with tables. But it works, and it looks quite cool.



Again, nothing too fancy. I could have two cubes intersecting each other, but that's too much work. :)



Yeah! At last something that's not 3D-based.. :)


Mandelbrot Fractals!

The first interactive thingie! Navigate around and view the beauty of complex mathematics!


Particle Explosion

Inspired by Clawman, a dude who emailed me asking for a file and sent his version of this effect in the message. Well, I thought it looked good, so I made one myself. 2000 particles, lookin' real brutal!


Real-Time Plasma

Well, you all know this one, don't you? Perhaps not the fastest one, but runs fast enough.



Yeah! Cool, crazy and definitely beautiful effect!


Phong Mapping!

Well. A serious coder has to do this. :) I have also implemented my own ASCII DirectX-reader so I can import files from Newtek's LightWave.
NOTE! This is fake phong shading, which I call phong mapping to avoid confusion.


Environment Mapping!

Ehm. Same routine as previous one, different map though.
The code is no different, but it looks awesome!



Three color bumpmapping on a rotating plane.
(It still contains bugs, but I felt that it looked nice enough.)

This tidbit runs in 320x200x16bit (VESA 2.0) and was meant to be in a demo we planned for The Gathering 98. However, everything went haywire and we didn't get finished.